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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

AFCI Association of Film Commissioners International Location Show 2012

The AFCI will hold there annual AFCI Location show this year again in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Californai

What:   AFCI Location Show 2012

When:  June 15-16, 2012

Where:  Los Angeles Convention Center  View Map

Their motto this year:  Travel Around the World for free in only two days

The show is filled with the film commissioners and staff of countries and regions throughout the world.  Booths offer information, photos, details and pamphlets on the various film tax credits and production incentives offered by the areas they represent.

A prestigious panel of Speakers will discuss international co-productions, film tax credits, funding for film budget production support including film production incentives and government grants and funds.

The Variety BRIC Summit will likewise take place at the event with a focus on China, Russia, Brazil and India. (ticketed separately from the main event.)

Registration for AFCI Location Show 2012 | Film Budget Inc |  Worldwide 

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